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We help your business become more competitive with design. Not just by designing things with craft and care; but by planning the actions that will impact you most, over the short, medium or long term. We serve the marketing, branding and editorial functions. More about our services here. Our work gets regularly covered in design news updates.


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ICD is always game for an enthusiastic team player who can contribute, learn and deliver. We are currently looking for a mid-level designer with a minimum of 2 years’ work experience.
Jobs / Internship / Diploma Projects
Developers applying for UI/UX Developer position, are requested to send in your CV to vikrant@icdindia.com

Designers are requested to send in your CV to niloy@icdindia.com, along with a link to your current portfolio. Do refrain from attaching large PDFs to the email. Thank you for your cooperation.
Anything else
For press or business enquiries, please contact nitasha@icdindia.com. Do mention your business name and the project you wish to engage us for in the subject line of the email. Thank you for your interest.


Itu Chaudhuri


Itu Chaudhuri completed bachelor’s in architecture from School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi in 1984, but retired from that profession to pursue his interest in letterform and graphic design. After freelancing in a panoply of areas, he formed Itu Chaudhuri Design in 1997 to provide full-service design to marketing, corporate and editorial customers. ICD's work has been covered in design magazines and national newspapers, and separately featured in World Graphic Design (Merrel, 2003). Itu is a columnist with the Business Standard and as a lifelong student of branding, he often speaks and writes on design thinking, brands, typography and design culture. He has also taught as a visiting faculty at the National Institute of Design and some of his other interests include classical Indian music, cricket and science.

Lisa Rath

Principal | Team Lead

Lisa joined ICD, soon after her graduation in 1997 from the National Institute of Design, where she studied Visual Communication. She runs the studio with Itu and brings in a great amount of energy, enthusiasm and Kabir to the studio. Her powerful design intuition, a sharp understanding of client businesses and excellent organisational ability makes her a favourite, not just amongst peers but clients as well. Lisa has taught and judged at the National Institute of Design and and has varied interests around graphic design, typography and branding. Although she's now over her zealot-esque hatred towards pigeons, she maintains a tempered disdain for low internet speeds.

Richa Bhargava

Team Lead

Right from her graduation project in 2008, Richa has been an integral part of our team. She carries with her the scars of over 50 projects spanning across almost all platforms and spaces that are known to the Graphic Design graduate from the National Institute of Design. As a design principal, she guides the team's design philosophy. Her assiduous approach to every detail of a project and her ability to patiently analyze problems ranging from brand overhauls to stationery shortages make her a model creative director. Although she does turn up on time everyday at 10:00, you know she really wakes up at around 6:00 in the evening when you start hearing strange sounds from behind the largest computer in the studio.

Nitasha Basu

Marketing Lead

Nitasha studied English Literature at Jesus and Mary college and followed with an MBA degree. Marketing, project management and client relationships form a major part of the former national level basketball player's role at ICD. When not avoiding green vegetables, she can be found reading Jane Austen and Margaret Mitchell.

Niloy Kundu

Project Lead

Niloy graduated in Visual Communication from College of Art, Delhi and following a brief advertising stint, he joined ICD. His strong ideation and drawing skills makes him a key player in packaging and UI web projects and ICD’s go-to person for any illustration brief. When he’s not at work, he is out playing football or jamming with his band 'Post Office'.

Vikrant Gupta

Tech Lead

Vikrant built his first website when he was twelve, and hundred sixty till date. An ethical hacker who now leads the tech team at ICD. He brings the (often missed) technical nous and leadership to our web and digital projects, interfacing with development teams and solving the 'lost in translation' problem. Current obsession: Bitcoin, mining, he's your man.

Aashim Raj

Project Lead

A graduate from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in 2010 Aashim has many years of experience from graphic design studios like Playcan to large publishing and advertising houses like Penguin Random House and J Walter Thompson. His experience across industries makes him a perceptive thinker, and an effective communicator. He does occasionally turn up at the studio with an injured leg, thanks to his football fanaticism.

Sreeja Chatterjee

Senior UI UX Designer

Sreeja got the best of the two cultures; Delhi and Kolkata. One brought her close to books, food, and art, while the other guided her into design education, graduating from Pearl Academy, Delhi. At ICD she has worked on large UI/UX projects ranging enterprise platforms, news websites and marketing.

Ashok Kumar Dey

Senior Designer

Ashok comes with 6 years of experience in packaging design, working with a packaging specialist design studio with multinational clients—he developed a sense of rigour, detail, and a savviness about the shelf. He is greatly moved by visual art, and his expert eye never misses the form, and finish of the pack he holds. A valuable perspective to our packaging and web UI projects.

Sonal Singh

Senior Designer

Half-garhwali half-Korean, an interesting blend of cultures visible in her diverse mix of interests—her love for anime, enviable collection of illustrated books, a passion for food which features in her drawings and her delicate hand-crafted packaging. A fascination for storytelling and illustrative craft finds many channels of expression for this communication design graduate from NIFT Delhi.

Prashant Gaikwad

Senior Designer

Prashant grew up illustrating characters from his favourite cartoon shows and comics. A bachelors of JJ School of Art, and an absconding masters student from NID Ahmedabad—his interests keep him away from completion. He has worked with large technology firms, and started his own studio 'Bubblewrap’. He specialises in identity and branding projects and dreams of starting a publication design studio illustrating children's books.

Mohammad Zerik

UI UX Designer

Zerik is an electronics engineer who started as a developer in an interaction design studio and finally settled as a UI UX designer at ICD—an odd bag of capabilities tying together his interest in technology, design, and problem solving. His love for technology shows: trying cracks to get unreleased software updates. And equally while wireframing workflows (the more complex, the better).

Rajat Bhandari

UI UX Designer

Rajat completed his bachelors in mass communication and dabbled with television and radio journalism before finding himself in an UI UX role designing agent dashboards for a large insurance company. A gardening enthusiast, he tends to his projects as he does to his plants—with care, attention, and detail.

Ritu Kumari


Ritu, a serial winner in art competitions was asked to stop competing to give others a shot. Joining ICD right after completing her bachelors from NID, Ahmedabad, her projects cover motion graphics, branding, web design, editorial and even publication. And her current fascination lies with 'generative art'—'how a set of numbers change into something so beautiful’.

Pawan Kumar


Pawan always knew he wanted to be a programmer and has earned a degree in BCA. The quietest person in the studio, he only mutters while mulling over screens strewn with code. A video game enthusiast, he has built his own video pod and spends a great deal of time learning about space exploration (stay tuned).

Pradhyumn Kag


Pradhyumn is our in-house jiu jitsu master, following a disciplined approach to body conditioning which he carries to his work—rigour, and intensity. He plans to launch his own comic strip some day and meanwhile works on visual design projects with special focus on illustrations and animations.

Mitul Grover


Mitul's love for materials began with his introductory class in material exploration and partly influenced by his family background in printing and fabrication. He works extensively on signage projects and plans to explore furniture design next. Beyond materials, he hopes to own a supercar one day or attend a Metallica Concert (ideally both, whichever comes first)

Gayatri Nath


Our in-house political scientist, completed her BSc from Utkal University. From the time of her joining, Gayatri has handled the studio's accounts. She makes sure everybody has what they need to work efficiently, from pens to salaries. She is happiest when she is reading books on politics and religion.