big food, small food

Big Food, Small Food

If this hasn’t happened to you, make it happen. Go to a shiny modern retail store near you, and stroll the juice shelves. Your eye is caught by a glass bottle with a metal cap, a mini-replica of the milk bottles of your youth. You take in the charmingly ‘un’-designed bottle. Keep Reading

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Inside Story: Packaging Secret Temptation Deodorant Series

Secret Temptation is a female grooming brand by McNroe. It markets contemporary fragrances aimed at young teenage girls. The brand launched its products in the market in the year 2007, and added a few more variants over the years. In 2016, there was a felt need for a brand refresh, to meet the changing trends and expectations of its users. It started a phase out exercise and as a first step, it continued with 5 popular variants, out of 9, and introduce 3 new variants to the range.

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Hidden In Plain View: Physique

First published in a slightly modified form ‘Physique’ in Business Standard, 17 November, in Deep Design, a fortnightly column by Itu Chaudhuri.

Brands place a premium on attention, firing images and words shaped into messages to inform and persuade. Indeed, we live amidst a war for our attention, an exquisitely perishable wisp that lives in the now.

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