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Upward mobility and rooted values. Success is like that only
branding & packaging Rungta's
Background The Rungta company owns the tea brand Real, which is popular in parts of Bihar and smaller pockets of other states. The company plans to diversify from tea into a range of foods. It also plans to take the tea to urban markets. It will, thus, address new customers.
Architecture The first step was an architecture to accommodate a wide range of daily foods. It has three main legs. The existing tea brand, Real, was extended to cover food groups whose driver was source authenticity. The ‘Rungta’ identity to cover all other generic and commodity processed foods, while non-traditionals and innovations appear under their own names.
Brand Idea The Real tea range and future products aims at eager modernisers, keen on an upward, urban mobility. The umbrella brand essence is ‘success’, which is closely associated, for these audiences, with the consumption of quality packaged food.
Expression The Real identity radiates a degree of modernity, with an aura of security. Its personality is modern, but conventional. Several sub themes abound in the packaging. The floral patterns subliminally cue the morning pooja. The Real packaging also suggests authenticity, informing customers about the provenance of the tea. Its calm, straight-forward presentation is appropriate for a brand with little advertising support, to support a more extravagant personality.
branding & packaging
branding & packaging
branding & packaging