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Ambition and diligence. A mining company approaches its second chapter of life
corporate identity programme IMFA

Background Indian Metals and Ferro Alloys is a leading producer of chromite, a processed form of chromium ore that's a key ingredient of stainless steel. We were approached to give it a new identity, which no longer described the company to the promoter's satisfaction.

Discovery We set about discovering the company's conception of its image, vision and culture, the three legs of a corporate brand. We led it to articulate its personality and changed mood through a series of workshops. The company sensed it was in the second chapter of its envisioned growth story—building a group of power, mining and stainless steel industries.

Brand Idea The company's mood was one of calibrated confidence. The next leg of its journey would demand a new management culture, focusing more on opportunity as opposed to the besetting threats of early years. It would depend on processes, instead of on the personality-led command structures, and reward enterprise over seniority. We also appreciated the different subcultures that operated in its power generating, mining and ferroalloys wings. A synthesis of these thoughts led to the idea of "ambition powered by diligence."

Identity The name was shortened to IMFA for most public purposes. The new identity frees IMFA from chromite and readies it to take on new roles, while remaining in the ambit of heavy industry. It projects the idea of planned growth in sure steps, while recalling its roots in mining. A sense of spreading influence and confidence is also apparent.

corporate identity programme
corporate identity programme
corporate identity programme