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A website design for Dr. Reddy’s cancer drug for HER2+ breast cancer
Hervycta website design Dr. Reddy’s
Background Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited (Dr. Reddy’s) launched Hervycta, a biosimilar brand of the oncological innovation Trastuzumab,  and an approved treatment option for HER2+ breast cancers.In India, as well as most countries across the globe, the promotion and advertising of prescription medicines is heavily regulated.
In several countries, laws prohibit the promotion of prescription drugs directly to consumers.
Dr. Reddy’s asked us to create the branding identity and design website of Hervycta within these restrictions.
Objective The website exists to provide clear, easy to access information on HER2+ breast cancers and the role played by the drug in its treatment. It supports the marketing effort by providing exposure to the brand name.
Visual Design The design extends the identity design, maximising the use of its distinctive assets or brand codes. These include colours and typefaces, and the graphical elements that illustrate the therapy that this biosimilar provides.
UI/UX Bound by strict guidelines for representation of medical content, Dr. Reddy’s developed the website structure and site mappartitioned into two. The partition for patients and caregivers has generic information about HER2+ breast cancer, and the second, for medical practitioners, presents the oncological offering. A decision was also made to keep the website devoid of photographs with only medically-relevant illustrations.
Since the site is content heavy, we wanted to make it easier for the reader to search for related material in that long read. FAQs were brought upfront, instead of being buried deep. The most important and obvious questions are promoted on the homepage banner so that users can get clear answers in the quickest way possible. Medical diagrams were converted to responsive animations reading within the long scrolls.
UI/UX Director Lisa Rath | UI/UX Concept Niloy Kundu | UI/UX Development Sonal Singh | Animator Anirudha Hajare, Sonal Singh | Tech Lead Vikrant Gupta | Developer Nikita Agarwal
Hervycta website design
Hervycta website design
Hervycta website design