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NHRDN aims to make Indian HR more relevant
HR scape identity NHRDN
Background NHRDN (National Human Resources Development Network) is an association of Indian HR professionals, which provides support, training and advocacy. It has developed a competency assessment framework for HR professionals, at all career stages and across thirteen knowledge areas.  
Brand Idea ICD led NHRDN to think of the product as an agent of change. By providing a universal grading for professionals, it makes HR more relevant and more credible to Indian business. NHRDN could give it credibility, but the sucess of the product and the future of NHRDN are closely linked. The product thus stands for a great awakening of Indian HR, leading to the brand idea 'r/evolution'.
Naming We named the framework HRScape. It suggests a framework for HR, with the 'scape' desribing a space with known characterisitics, and a bird's eye view of the knowledge domain. 
Design In keeping with r/evolution, the logo reflects the steady progress: of Indian HR, as well as that of the professional. The lengthening bars are used to mark levels of competency, and as marks of certification, thus giving meaning and purpose to the identity by coming alive in applications. Colours celebrate the individual, and various domains of HR knowledge.
HR scape identity
HR scape identity
HR scape identity