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A website redesign that repositions PeopleStrong as an HR solutions company
Redesigning PeopleStrong website PeopleStrong
Background Our client PeopleStrong, an HR solutions company, underwent a major rebranding exercise as a result of change in positioning. PeopleStrong now offers solutions for HR departments to manage recruiting, employee life cycle operations, payroll, and allow analysis of HR data through an offsite work group and a cloud based HR management suite (HRMS). The website is an extension of this new visual system and a cross between PeopleStrong and the HRMS (Alt) website. 
Objective A simple jargon free website allowing HR professionals to identify speed bumps in their current processes and nudge them to get in touch or try the product to see how PeopleStrong can actually help them get past those. The website also focuses on the contributions made by PeopleStrong in the Indian HR landscape and presents India as a favored destination for international investors, with overflowing talent.
Content Strategy "You can simply grow” and “your HR on cloud” are key messaging and most important takeaways from the website. Repeating these throughout imprints them in the head of the audience. The clientele and testimonials help in establishing the mark that PeopleStrong has made in Indian and international HR world. The product pages address and answers in advance all the questions in the mind of an HR professional by pointing out the key features of the products, the value they add to the company, give assurance with success stories and simultaneously comparing the physical solution to the digital.
Visual Design The visual design is an extension of the PeopleStrong design system. The confident PeopleStrong identity is styled to communicate solidity and precision yet has a relaxed personality that distances itself from IT service companies who provide similar products. The icons provide a visual relief.
Credits Team Lead: Itu Chaudhuri, Project Lead: Kshitij Tembe, Designers: Kshitij Tembe and Jasvinder Singh, Development Lead: Vikrant Gupta and Quarter Pie team
Redesigning PeopleStrong website
Redesigning PeopleStrong website
Redesigning PeopleStrong website