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Website redesign to help online purchase of Inme outdoor programs
Website redesign for Inme Inme
Background Inme promises personal development driven through outdoors-based learning for 9-17 year olds. Their outdoor activities are designed to be enjoyable and often challenging, turning into worthwhile learning moments.
Inme, in its 10th year, faced a threat from outwardly similar ‘adventure camps’ that seemed to offer identical activities: their website was not able to sufficiently express this difference. As part of a marketing reorganisation, Inme approached us to redesign their website.
Objective Prior to the launch of the new website, Inme employed a direct marketing strategy where they either met their potential clients face-to-face or connected with them over calls. Printed brochures and other physical handouts were also used in a bid to convert enquiries. This, however, was a time consuming effort causing delays over multiple steps, ultimately increasing the time Inme's marketing team needed to invest for converting leads. Our goal with the website was to hasten this process, making the website a salesman for the company. It had to advocate the 'Inme way’ while encouraging customers to book online.
Designing the sales journey Accordingly our site flow featured brand messages along side calls to action. An image of the great outdoors is a perfect backdrop for a brand message such as “Change the scene and see the change” but it is also a picture of a tempting locale where an activity can be joyously participated in. Equally. It could carry an invitation to take the sales conversation forward, by linking it to a specific product, more information or even purchase. Therefore the site captures the sales journey at all stages of the buyer’s intention: whether he is exploring, seeking information or deciding to buy. An integrated booking engine harvests the sales effort and automates (previously manual) booking activities.
Visual Design of the website mirrors the Inme ethos— organised yet organic, rich yet spartan. The typography is designed to be accessible and soft but also straightforward and businesslike. Lush images display the program’s rich content, framing its higher goals. Animations enliven the journey. The Inme mascot magically changes hats or trapezes across the screen. The website often adopts an older child’s voice, achieving a balance of adventure and competence, to reassure parents of safety, a priority at Inme.
Impact Inme saw a fall in the number of telephonic enquiries and a rise in onsite-bookings. Inme also reported that most phone enquiries were to-the-point, reducing the need to explain. Customers liked the new website's functionality. Most important, the result distanced Inme from the competition, offering a positive difference that the basic adventure provider can hardly match.
Creative Director & Design Concept Richa Bhargava | Design Development Sonal Singh | Writer Richa Bhargava
Website redesign for Inme
Website redesign for Inme
Website redesign for Inme