The human body can heal itself—with a little help from nature. The use of plants in healing the human body is as old as history itself. But, traditional schools of medicine lack consistency and reliability. 

Phytotherapy is the modern science that brings tested principles of pharmacology to the traditional knowledge of medicine to create phytoceuticals, plant based medicines that are safe and highly effective. 

We are designing a website for AlchemLife, leaders of the phytotherapy revolution in India. 

We explored the ways we can depict the confluence of two very powerful concepts—science and traditional knowledge. 

Here’s what we’ve uncovered and discovered about this union so far:

Nature and science are not too far from each other. Science is how we make sense of the natural world. The website has a natural setting. 

A microscopic view of natural elements—a leaf or a bud is depicted. Taking the viewer closer to the core of these panaceas. 

Simple graphical forms representing the cellular structure of plants, again bringing out the active central elements of natural sources of healing.

Lab smear-like renditions of green show the scientific synthesis of Alchem’s phytoceuticals.

Plants and fruits—a pomegranate, ginger, leaf undergo transformation and disintegration for the extraction of their active healing compounds.