Sunstone Eduversity is founded on the belief that given the right education and exposure everyone has the potential to become a managerial professional, regardless of their prior experiences and location.  

Sunstone is doing this by bringing the industry and academia together under one roof—the best approach to management education.Making its students learn, by doing.

We joined the educational revolution happening across the country, helping Sunstone discover their identity and sharpen their voice to communicate with confidence. 

Here’s how: 

Sunstone is not a university, not in the traditional sense of the word, it prepares its students for a career with practical, hands-on education. Trying explorations of “Sunstone Eduversity”.

The Sunstone logo evokes a dynamic, bold personality. The Sunstone lettering explores unicase. The lettering style is determinedly modern and international.

Trying colour palettes for academic appeal, the right balance of sobriety and interest.

Headlines are set in lowercase letters. Trying to strike the right balance of approachable and business like, formal but dynamic. They have plenty of space around them, and this makes them look emphatic.

The Sunstone visual language is about motion and bold shapes.