Srijan started as a development company, 15 years ago, building content management system frameworks focussing on Drupal, an established, open-source technology in that space. Over the years, it moved away from CMS to solve wider technology problems for its clients—building solutions that entered the space of strategy and consulting.

Taking a cue from its new role in its clients’ businesses, and drawing from its approach to engineering which were design principles of modularity, iteration, exploration, in 2019, we repositioned the company as an engineering company with a creative pulse.

The new identity here follows a style of economy of gestures, modularity, and systemic, principles of good engineering.

We created a brand book to guide the company’s communication efforts for their internal and external audience, as a means of inducting anyone into the brand.

Here are some explorations of the book’s visual storytelling: guiding people’s behaviours and thoughts, inspiring them to espouse the brand’s new way of thinking, seeing, and reflecting. Have a look.