Intense is the new upcoming no-gas deo range from Wild Stone.

This new range had to be distinct from the current product range and be more uniform in its design. Wild Stone Intense, an upcoming competitor in the category, boasts of more fragrance and less aerosol, hence the apt name Intense. The same thought of intensity has been translated to a deep, rich visual for the whole range as a common theme.

The first step, making the new range dramatically different yet from the same family.
To achieve this, we relooked at the information architecture which was broken down into a spectrum of 4 extremes. The play being in the size and positioning of information.

Intensity in nostalgia

Reminiscing on the past always floods us with bittersweet memories and brings intense emotions attached to them. Using visual cues associated with nostalgia, this direction was inspired by one’s younger days, where being rebellious and expressive was a part of one’s character. The designs take inspiration from nightlife, graffiti, pop culture, trance, etc.

Hidden Intensity, a sting in the tail

A palette of rich deep colours, pierced with an intense accent. A muted contrast was key in this design direction. We tried to steer away from the conventional use of stark and bright colours, instead going for deep and dark tones with accents.