jack’s diwali
projectJack Daniel’s festive pack
clientBrown Forman


Jack Daniel’s, the legendary American whiskey brand, launches a festive pack in India every year around Diwali. Festive packs are an AlcoBev fixture, appealing to consumers at a time when spending increases manifold.

We were approached to design their festive pack for Old No. 7, Gentleman Jack and Single Barrel Select for the 2022-23 festive season.


Diwali in India is a bright, loud and indulgent time. It is the time of the year when Indians like to shop for themselves, friends and family—sweets, clothes, gold, silver and more recently, alcohol.

We felt that an ornate, bright and maximalist pack might appeal to the Indian consumer.


Indians don’t like restraint in their celebrations. Opulence and grandeur are the norm, especially around major festivals like Diwali.

We don bright, ornate kurtas and lehengas. Homes are decked up with rangolis, diyas. LED light strings are everywhere, from houses to offices, malls and streets. We attend and throw diwali taash parties—it’s a heady time.

All of this and more informed our design.

A few lines that we wrote for the insert capture the essence of the Indian festive season and tie it with Jack’s philosophy of making the moment count.

Indian motifs are liberally used—there are fuljharis, rockets, diyas, cards, elephants, glasses. Rendered in the LED strips style, ubiquitous around the festive season.

There is a lot of gold and silver on the pack, eliciting almost a shubh feeling when held in your hand.

We placed the iconic Jack bottle silhouettes at the centre of our design. This complements the bustling surroundings they are set in and makes the variants instantly recognisable

The message is clear—Jack is at the centre of festivities.

We made the venerable whiskey from the American South celebrate the Indian way.

jack’s diwali

projectJack Daniel’s festive pack
clientBrown Forman

The Indian festive season is a time of indulgent shopping, both for self consumption and gifting. Jack Daniel’s launches a festive edition pack every year around Diwali.

We were asked to design the festive pack for three whiskey variants: the iconic Old No. 7, Gentleman Jack and Single Barrel Select.

light and gold on a black canvas: just like a diwali night

The design embodies the loud and lavish style of celebrations in India. The illustrations are rendered just like the Diwali lights used to decorate homes and public spaces in India. It is quintessentially Indian—loud, bright, golden, ornate, almost bejewelled. And maybe a touch over the top. Just the way we like it.

a message from jack

Capturing the spirit of the Indian festivities in a few lines that we wrote for the insert. It’s a gleeful, cheery and proud admission of our desi-ness. The writeup explores the parallel between Jack’s message of celebrating each moment and the spirit of Indian festivals. It feeds into the visual design, adding to the peppy, celebratory ambience.

tasteful indulgence: iconic silhouettes at the centre of celebrations

We placed the iconic Jack bottle silhouettes at the centre of our designs and contrasted their starkness with maximalist backgrounds. The bottle shapes lend recognisability, legitimacy and a touch of sophistication to the settings.


Partner-in-charge & Creative Director Itu Chaudhuri | Project Management Ashok Dey, Abhishek Akhoury | Design Concept Ashok Dey | Design Development Ashok Dey, Sneha Mahajan | Alternate Design Concept Sneha Mahajan | Writer Akhoury Abhishek, Itu Chaudhuri, Ayushmaan Agarwalla | Animation Deckor | Project Duration 4 months

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