celebrating the colours of flavours
projectJack Daniel’s Flavours Holi Pack
clientBrown Forman


Jack Daniel’s wanted to introduce special edition packs for their three flavoured whiskies—Apple, Honey and Fire for the Indian festival of colours, Holi.

Jack Daniel’s is an international brand with universal recognition and recall. Its classic variants are iconic and much loved worldwide. However, the flavoured variants are not as well known. 

This presented an opportunity and a challenge—there was room to deviate from the signature Jack Daniel character but not too far, or we could risk losing the leverage the Jack Daniel’s brand has in the consumer’s mind.


Jack Daniel’s flavours are meant to be introductions to the world of whiskey drinking, meant for an easy sipping experience. 

According to the brand, Apple, Honey and Fire can also be had a little earlier in the day than other traditional Jack Whiskies, say an Old No. 7 or a Gentleman Jack.

This character of flavoured whiskies works well in the context of Holi celebrations—a daytime festival—where people play with colours and get together to dance, drink and eat.

On Holi, inhibitions are lowered and the festivities begin earlier in the day. 

The most powerful Holi connection to the flavours we saw were the colours. Inherently colourful, the flavours presented a clear opportunity for building a strong association, without diluting the core essence—the flavours themselves.


The Jack Daniel’s bottle is at the centre. And it is bursting—with flavour and with colour.  

Each flavour is set in a sea of its signature colour. This amplifies the flavours and stands in contrast to the splash of gulaal on the silhouette. 

Since these flavours are meant to introduce Jack Daniel’s flavours for casual drinking, we carried signature drinking and serving recommendations on the pack. 

The recommendations came from the makers, and would help drinkers have an easy and enjoyable first experience with the flavours. 

The splash of colours, as if thrown from a fistful while playing Holi, also add life to the setting. A synesthetic transfer effect is at play on the pack, the looker gets a taste of what’s inside the pack. 

Jack’s colourful cousins come into their own in this colourful world. The bottles seem to be disintegrating—losing themselves in colours, just what Holi is all about.

celebrating the colours of flavours

projectJack Daniel’s Flavours Holi Pack
clientBrown Forman

Jack Daniel’s India wanted to join in the Holi celebrations with three limited edition packs for their three flavoured variants—Apple, Honey and Fire. ICD was approached to design a pack that could help associate the Jack Daniel’s flavours with the colours of Holi.

Holi, when a little madness makes sense 

A fistful of colour is splashed on the bottles, hinting at the raucous, informal nature of Holi. Taste-wise, the splash can be seen as a burst of flavour, to be tasted with eyes before the palette. The pack celebrates Holi the right way, no holds barred.

Apple, Honey and Fire: Jack’s colourful cousins

At the centre of the celebrations are the Jack Daniel’s flavours. Each flavour is set on a coloured canvas, cream for Honey, green for Apple and red for Fire.


Partner-in-charge and Creative Director Itu chaudhuri | project lead Ashok Dey | Design Concept and Development Saumya Dalal | Alternate Design Concept Ashok Dey, Abhishek Ghosh, Anshika Sharma, Sneha Mahajan, Pradyut Nath | Project Page Photography Ashok Dey, Pradyut Nath, Saumya Dalal, Abhishek Ghosh | Project Management Abhishek Akhoury | Project Duration 2 months

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