Plant medicine that’s clinically proven
projectAlchemLife Website
clientAlchem International


AlchemLfe makes natural medicines that are plant derived but deliver the efficacy promised by modern pharmaceutical drugs.

Its parent, Alchem International, has proven expertise and 75 years of experience in supplying plant extracts and active ingredients to leading pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical companies.

We were asked to design its website to educate the consumer about this line of treatment, as well as reflect the company’s unique know-how, while selling its products online.


Carefully balancing the brand’s position, to not get bracketed in the loosely defined “natural”, “ayurvedic” or “herbal” medicinal category with questionable efficacy. And neither with modern pharmaceutical drugs which deliver efficacy but with side effects.

The brand occupies the space in the middle of the two opposing forces of nature, and science, and takes the best from both. Natural balance of its plant ingredients.

To create a space that establishes the need for this new generation of medicine, and Alchem Life to lead this wave, driving the discourse around phytotherapy, owning the vocabulary, educating the consumer, and raising awareness about this system of medicine and the brand itself.


Visually, the illustrations convey ‘plant science’ by juxtaposing the two words.

Set in a green landscape of plants, fruits and leaves are linear drawings suggestive of the science and technology underlying these phytochemicals. They bring out the beautiful and powerful duality in its products.

Specifically, the potency of the medicines is conveyed by linking it to plant actives (the molecules in the plant that have the pharmaceutical effect).

Plant medicine that’s clinically proven

projectAlchemLife Website
clientAlchem International

AlchemLife makes natural medicines that are as effective as modern pharmaceuticals. They draw on their parent, Alchem International’s know-how and 75 year experience in the plant actives extraction. We were approached to design their website to help educate the consumer about this novel system of natural medicine.

the science of phytotherapy

‘Phytotherapy’ brings together nature and science, extracting the best from both to make natural medicines with proven and consistent efficacy. These natural medicines or ‘Phytoceuticals’ undergo the same development, testing and trials like any new pharmaceutical drug. 

alchemlife for all things ‘phyto’

A lexicon of general and proprietary terms is established to make AlchemLife synonymous with all things ‘phyto’ (plant related) and explain the science behind AlchemLife products. 


partner-in-charge & creative director lisa rath | design concept, development itu chaudhuri, prashant gaikawad | alternate design concept ashok dey | writer nitasha basu | illustrator prashant gaikawad | tech lead vikrant gupta | developer alok joshi | page animation pradyut nath, prashant gaikawad | project duration 3.5 months

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